Ben Scerri's Online Portfolio

My name is Ben Scerri, and I am a Games Designer and Writer living in Melbourne, Australia. Whether it's scripting in C#, or documenting my first steps through a new title, my life is about wordsand most of them are on the subject of games (whether video-, tabletop-, or live-action-). My life is about words and games (and sometimes word-games), and as such, so is my work.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

The Games Designer

I have been officially making games since 2011, but unofficially since 1999 when I discovered The Games Factory. I have a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Games Design) from Qantm College Melbourne. My main skills are in Mechanics Design, Narrative Design, Games Writing, and Content Creation.

I am currently employed as an Associate Designer at EA Firemonkeys in Melbourne, Australia.

I am an avid believer in independently produced games, and my favourite designers are John HarperFred Hicks, Jane McGonigal, and Derek Yu for their views on the industry and their particular methods of design.

My major strengths lie in my attention to detail and my passion for the industry; getting me to "stop" making games, even for a week, has proven to be near impossible. I just can't leave alone the job that I love.

Please feel free to browse my Game Design project gallery, or my Writing examples for more on what I do.

The Writer

I have been scribbling down my thoughts since the time I realised that the world consisted of more than just the walls that immediately surrounded meso approximately the last 9 minutes.

Humour aside, I've been writing since I can remember: everything from fiction, to design documents, to my high school newspaper, to blog articles.

Most recently, I have been regularly writing reviews and opinion pieces for a Another Dungeon, and a personal blog called versamus. Additionally, I have been producing a string of unofficial rules supplements for tabletop roleplaying games.

My favourite writers are Robin HobbNeil Gaiman and Stephen King (particularly The Dark Tower) for their intelligent and unexpected takes on fantasy, and real world topics tackled through fiction. I find myself often inspired by their almost conversational tone.